The Blacklist of Accompanist Repertoire

Reading a post like this reminds me a lot of bittersweet memories while working as a staff accompanist in NEC. It  still gives me a chill when I think about some of the pieces, not only because how hard they are but also how little time I was given to prepare. Although I grew up listening to lots of violin and cello recordings, my knowledge of the instrumental repertoire is only tip of the iceberg. Since I have a tendency to say Yes before even knowing what level the repertoire is, through out the years of accompanying I have stumbled into so many scary, murky puddles. When you are sight-reading a piece, the last thing you want is constant meter changes and key changes. However…That, is usually the case. I have always believed that I have very good work ethic as an accompanist: I prepare for rehearsals, get to rehearsals early to warm up and ready to go and use rehearsals for ensemble issues rather than my personal practice time. However, there are still cases  I just can’t achieve that. Therefore it really is a good idea to have some kind of “blacklist” of repertoire, not saying that everything on the list is not beautiful but everything requires a huge amount of energy to be in shape, so that I can think twice before accepting the gigs:

Note: Most of these rep are orchestral reductions.


Korngold Violin Concerto (I love this one! But I only had one day to prepare for a recital. It takes me whole day …)

Barber Violin Concerto 3rd movement (super fast running notes)


Hindemith Viola Sonata (Lots of chords)

Clark Viola Sonata (lots of running notes and fast color changes)


Tchaikovsky Rococo Theme and variations (Rhythm)

Shostakovich Cello Concerto No. 1 (Notes-wise: not hard, Rhythm: quite annoying )

Dvorak Cello Concerto


Copland Clarinet Concerto (Notes-wise: not hard, Rhythm: quite annoying )

Weber Clarinet and Piano Duo (not really as hard as I thought… just lots of scales.)

Of course I will keep updating my list. Sure the list will expend!


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