My 30 by 30 challenge has began……now!

Finally, I am ready to start this! I spent one hour yesterday taking pictures of my 30 items and couple hours today to put together a little poster for myself for this challenge.

For people who have never heard about “30 by 30”, it is a challenge conducts/created by blogger Kendi. The first time I came across this challenge I was very intrigued and excited about her idea of 30 by 30 (read her ideas here.) Basically you pick 30 items out of your closet, and then make 30 outfits out of these 30  items. Recently I joined this challenge hoping to find my own style. Everyone can try!

I made 2 extra goals for myself besides the 30 outfits part: finding 10 business attire outfits and explore different accessories. Finding 10 business outfits simply is for me to get the most from this experience. At the end of this whole thing, I need to be able to know what works together and what doesn’t then put them on in 5 minutes.

Another goal I have set for myself is exploring accessories. Believe or not, I own zero belt, zero necklace, bracelet or any other accessories besides bags and shoes. I have never understood the importance of jewelry until recently. This will be a perfect chance to exercise my sense of selecting personal accessories.

I actually had a hard time to find 30 items out of my closet. We threw out most of our cloth when moving, so these 30 cloth are actually almost all I own.However, I am not going to buy any new cloth during the challenge. It is more about understanding the potential of each garment  instead of expending the size of the closet physically. No matter what, this will be fun!


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