Morning Discovery


Here are two things I found really useful and can’t wait to try:

Stylebook is a closet managing app. You can upload your whole wardrobe into your iphone, mix and match the items and store outfits to your calendar. The background removing function and the intuitive drag and drop make the app seems very easy to use. Too bad I have a 1st generation ipad so I won’t be able to try this, but it looks like a good little helper for people who have iphone. Please, developers of Stylebook, make an ipad version!

Japanese Style Bread, which uses Tangzhong method, has always been my favorite kind of bread. This is the kind of bread we eat in Taiwan almost everyday, and it’s extremely different from western style bread. Tangzhong bread has soft and fluffy texture, whereas western bread usually has a chewy and dryer internal part with a crisper crust. Because the Tangzhong bread is so moist and fluffy, sometimes even buttery,  we don’t usually need to put butter on the toast. The texture even stays the same when you put it in the fridge. Anyway, this bread makes me homesick!

Yesterday I was finally able to do crane pose and one leg head stand. Because I have really thin upper arms so I have been having a hard time to do crane pose. There are many ways to go into crane pose and the easiest way is from squad position.It is really important that you look up, tuck your knees into your armpit, and think about going forward. It’s not an easy pose but it’s really fun…..keep on practicing!


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