[ Cooking Mama ] Saag Paneer and Red Bean Rolls

This week I couldn’t really execute my “cookbook-cooking” project ( checking out one  cookbook from the local public library and design two weeks’ meals around it) because Nik made a giant serving of Indian food last weekend and we have just been eating leftovers the past 3 days. That was his first attempt to make Indian food and it turns out to be very good, except he didn’t believe that the recipe only calls for 3 whole cardamom pods but decided to put 9 of them. (So in every 4 bites you are destined to spit out some hard pod shells. ) Lesson learned, I say.

Last night I made my favorite Red bean rolls again. In Taiwan, this is the kind of bread people typically expect from a local bakery. Kind of like a baking 101.

I don’t know why Azuki red beans are not as popular here in US. Although every time I recommend it to my American friends, it usually has very positive response. I guess this is another regional food/culture/climate thing.

Anyway, this time I use Carol’s recipe instead of my mom’s. Overall it is very successful and I am very happy with the texture. However, the recipe is not very sweet–if you have a sweet tooth like me, you probably want to add a bit more sugar.

Carol , whom I don’t personally know, is a very popular blog writer in Taiwan. She published 4 cookbooks so far and each of them has been a great hit on the market.

I don’t personally trust whatever press say until I actually try the thing. In this case,  the recipes are actually really good! In Carol’s books there are always clear and thoughtful step-by-step instructions and pictures for each recipe. Not as powerful as videos but tempting enough to make me think by following these steps I will be able to reproduce whatever delicious thing I want in my kitchen.

*These books are all in traditional Chinese. I wish one day there is an English version.


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