Please first let me apologize for the horrible usage of English in this Blog. I am not a native speaker but have been living in US for too long that English has already sink in my daily life. Therefore, even though I don’t speak or write grammatically correct English, it has become my dominant language. Isn’t that strange? Anyway, I am always learning and trying to get better.

I am a classical pianist from New England Conservatory and have performed in a lot of areas in Boston; I am also a classically trained artist since young. Half of my life was spent in front of the piano, while the other half was spent in front of the computer (behind my mom’s back). I love checking out interesting and beautiful things on the internet! Two years ago, I started to dabble in web design. After reading couple books I now accepting designing cases from time to time. I love designing website for people and making things practical and unique. It is a balance that I strive to manage in many aspect of my life.

Out of Labyrinth is simply a notebook about web design/Media inspiration/random thoughts for myself. I am not a particularly smart person or prolific writer, but that doesn’t extinguish my passion towards things I like. I will choose a topic to research and post every Friday. If I have more time, then more posts!


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